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Real Life. Real Funny. Real Inspiration.

DARE TO BE SOBER is a comedy hypnosis show with a message and a solution for those struggling with addictions. By engaging the audience with hysterical hypnotic antics, a seed of hope is planted. Fans leave the show having had not only an incredible entertainment experience, but a renewed outlook on life,  a vision for a better future, and an awareness of the power that lies within us all.

I have seen what a laugh can do.

​ It can transform almost unbearable pain into something bearable, even hopeful.

~ Bob Hope

The Show.

Terry Stokes, Jr. is a comedian/speaker/hypnotist who is actually in recovery. A talented, funny individual who has been through the pain of addiction and the freedom of recovery that so many are going through. DARE TO BE SOBER contains funny material about what it was like and how he found a way out. Terry not only loves to perform, but he wants to connect with the audience after the show. A hilarious, compassionate show offering hope and a solution.

To truly laugh,

 you must be able to take your pain and play with it.

~ Charlie Chaplin

For more than 20 years, Master Hypnotist Terry Stokes, Jr. has traveled the world performing his award winning and critically acclaimed comedy hypnosis show. Venues included comedy clubs, casinos, fairs, festivals, high schools, colleges, and corporate events. In addition to performing his stage hypnosis show, Terry practiced hypnosis, helping others to achieving their best, to overcome addictions, to break through fears. How ironic that for decades as Terry helped others conquer themselves, he couldn't apply it to his own life. While having a fair amount of success in his career, Terry never quite could make the step to the next level. He would be on his way up, only to burn his life down around him. Not just his career, but his family, his friendships, his family, his finances, his innermost self. Alcohol would take the wheel and Terry would watch in disbelief as the world he held in the palm of his hands would crumble to pieces. It was a roller coaster of a ride always ending in more pain and more suffering. Terry was his own worst enemy. What would it take to end this cycle. It took what it took to lead to a moment of Grace, a moment of clarity, a moment of change. A lifetime leading to a moment.

Much like baseball great Mickey Mantle said in an interview shortly before his death, " I feel like I have finally made something of myself." Imagine that, Mickey Mantle, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, felt like he hadn't accomplished anything until he finally quieted his demons and put down the drink.

Terry got sober, he stopped killing himself and hurting everyone around him. And then he began to think, "Wait, if I can do this, what are the possibilities? How can I help others?"

The DARE TO BE SOBER SHOW was born. A lifetime leading to a moment. Today, Terry shares his journey of recovery through humor in his recovery comedy hypnosis show. The shows are funnier than ever, and Terry bares his soul openly and honestly to the audience. It is this candid presentation that keeps the audiences rolling with laughter, and along the way some hope and a solution.

"Terry's show was the highlight of the convention! "

David W., Area 1 Convention, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I highly recommend Terry and his performance as a showman, professional hypnotist and enter​tainer."

  "This letter is to convey my feelings about Terry, and to highly recommend him and his performance as a showman, a professional hypnotist, and entertainer for any venue you may be considering him for.  His show is exciting and carefully orchestrated to combine awe and humor. 

  I was amazed at the audience interaction, the laughter, and his ability to capture the personality of the participants and highlight the show with it. Terry's performance received such rave reviews we have asked him to return next year.

  In summary, I feel you can trust anything that Terry may present to you, the highest honor of a professional."

Chip B., Chairman, Gulf Coast Roundup

"What an incredible show he performed for us. Terry held our full attention and emotions for the duration of the show. The only way I can explain it....CLIMATIC LAUGHTER! I have not laughed so hard or for so long in years. Terry far exceeded every hope and expectation I had. A sure thing in my book."


"The only way I can explain it...CLIMATIC LAUGHTER!  I have not laughed so hard or for so long in years."

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